31 01 2024


As one of the most influential bands in music history, Edilteco continues to play its unique melody in the building materials industry. Discover all the 2024 exhibitions.

Aligned with the famous Beach Boys track 'I Get Around', which goes beyond the usual pop song, Edilteco opens up to new horizons and encounters new realities. With the engaging rhythm of 'round round, I get around' which literally means 'travel, move, go around', Edilteco will exhibit its products in no less than 11 industry exhibitions, bringing its expertise to new countries and sharing its passion with the world.

From Las Vegas to Toronto, Madrid, Budapest, Prague, Nuremberg, and many other places, Edilteco is ready to perform on the stage of international exhibitions. Each event represents a unique opportunity to connect with new markets, meet industry professionals, and present the latest innovations in the field of building materials.

Here are all the must-see appointments of 2024:

  • January 23-25, World of Concrete (Las Vegas, USA)
  • February 15-17, For Pasiv (Prague, Czech Republic)
  • March 19-21, Rebuild (Madrid, Spain)
  • April 10-14, Costruma (Budapest, Hungary)
  • April 18-20, GIC (Piacenza, Italy)
  • April 25-27, Resta (Vilnius, Lithuania)
  • June 26-27, Feuertrutz (Nuremberg, Germany)
  • September 30-October 3, BATIMAT (Paris, France)
  • October 9-12, SAIE (Bologna, Italy)
  • November 5-8, Warsaw Home (Warsaw, Poland)
  • December 4-6, The Building Show (Toronto, Canada)

Like the band that communicated a message of depth and universality through music, inspiring everyone to pursue their dreams and seize life's opportunities, Edilteco embraces its mission by offering sophisticated, cutting-edge, and sustainable construction solutions.

Edilteco's active participation in international exhibitions reflects its ongoing commitment to proposing innovative solutions and creating meaningful global connections. Its presence is like a melody of innovation that spreads a positive impact in every exhibition context.



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